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work from home essentials.

18 months ago many of us walked out of office jobs and are likely still working from home for now or perhaps forever. We all have had to create makeshift home offices (ahem mine is a very janky 2x3 corner of my bedroom). Here are a few essentials that will make your days working at home more convenient and enjoyable.

-Widescreen Monitor: A good monitor is a MUST. There is no way in hell I could survive staring at a laptop screen all day long. Here is the top option if you don't need anything fancy.

-Wireless Mouse: A computer mouse is also essential to be efficient because we all know laptop mouse pads are finicky.

-Wireless Printer: Who knew it would be 2021 and we would be back to buying printers to have at home, but sometimes you just need a printer. Again, this is a highly recommended one that will get the job done and not break after a few uses.

-Ergonomic Keyboard: A keyboard is another must for your home set up and you want one that will provide comfort and ease of use.

-Daily Planner Pad: this pad will help keep you organized, I am someone that still needs to write down my to do list on paper.

-Ember Coffee Mug: this heated mug will ensure your many cups of coffee stay warm to the temp of your choosing

-Cross Band Slippers: I live in these slippers 24/7 while working from home, they are so comfortable and affordable and come in so many good color options.

-Blue light glasses: if you find yourself straining your eyes and getting headaches from staring at a screen, blue light glasses really do immediately relax your eyes and help reduce that end of the day fog you often feel


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