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winter boots for kids.

Most years parents scramble on the first snow day to scrounge up boots that likely don't fit their kids anymore. You can thank me later for getting you ahead of the curve this year, here are the best winter boot options for your kiddos:

-> Bogs are arguably the best boot on the market. While they can seem pricier, they cannot be beat. They are fully waterproof so they will withstand the rain or snow in any season, easy for your kids to get on themselves with integrated handles on each side and can help keep their feet warm in extreme negative temps. These are worth it and any parent that has bought them will agree.

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-> See Kai Run boots are the perfect first pair of boots for your young toddlers, the best option out there for those getting used to wearing a shoe, let alone a clunky boot. They are protective, waterproof and insulated and perfect for a new walker, starting at size 4.

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-> My kiddos go to daycare and I like to buy an extra set of boots for them to keep there so I don't have to lug gear home every weekend and I know they will likely get mixed up with everyone else's boots. These Northside boots are a more affordable option but still highly recommended.

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