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Summer months are upon us, which means it is time to break out the wagons for anything from mornings at the farmers market to days at the zoo or beach. This was another highly requested community poll and I was happy to see that most of the winners align with the products I have been sharing over the last few with you as my top picks. For each category, there was one clear winner as the favorite!

Basic Wagon: the Radio Flyer All Terrain canvas wagon was by far the top submission in this category. If you need a regular size multi function wagon this is a great option that has an optional sun canopy and folds up compactly. This is also a lightweight style, weighing 29 lbs and is an affordable option for the category.

Large Family Wagon: if you are looking for something to pull or push around several kids, the clear favorite was the Wonderful W4 wagon. This is a large wagon that can comfortably fit up to 4 kids that are 6 months and older. It folds up so it can be transported easily and it also has a removable sun canopy. It is on the bigger side and weighs 55 lbs, but it can be pushed like a stroller or pulled. It also has ample storage which was a big benefit many listed.

Stroller Wagon: the Evenflo Pivot Explore is an all terrain stroller style wagon that again, was the top submission by a lot in this category. This wagon can fit 2 kids comfortably, has extra storage, cup holders and can be pushed or pulled. The wagon weighs 35 lbs and each seat can support up to 55 lbs.

Beach Wagon: the overall top rec for a beach stroller was the Veer Cruiser, which is the unicorn of wagons. If you want a wagon to do it all (take you from the farmers market to the zoo to the beach) this one is the one. They have options to seat 2 or the Veer Cruiser XL fits 4 kids, including an infant car seat and its most notable feature is how easy it is to use on any surface, especially sand. Another huge benefit is that the largest size only weights 37 lbs, almost 20 lbs less than the Wonderfold.

If you are looking for more of a utility wagon for moments like sporting events or to haul beach essentials, the Mac Sport All Terrain is a simpler but amazing option that lots of you love too. The price point on this one cannot be beat and it folds up very compact.

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