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valentine’s day gifts for kids.

Valentine's Day is a month away! For kids, this can be a really fun holiday to celebrate with their friends at school and family at home. While it's not expected, giving them cute little gifts has become a tradition for many people. I have rounded up some ideas, both practical and fun. Along with these, I have a whole post on good books for kids for Valentine's Day linked here which always make for a good gift.

  1. Lonecone Rainboots

  2. Heart Wooden Bead Set

  3. Snug Water Bottle

  4. Pop it Heart & Unicorn

  5. Hooded Beach Towel

  6. Mini Waffle Maker

  7. Squeasy Snack Pouch

  8. Mini Puzzle Blocks

  9. Flashlight

  10. Heart Purse

  11. Giant Coloring Banner

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