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valentine's day gifts for kids.

Beyond the book recommendations I shared, there are so many cute gift ideas for your kids for Valentine's Day next month! My favorites are gifts that can get the whole family involved - adorable crafts, a waffle maker, building blocks, etc. And none of them involve a sugar rush!

  1. Pink Heart Purse

  2. Dash Waffle Maker

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Coloring Banner

  4. Hanna Anderson Pajamas

  5. Wooden Stacking Blocks

  6. Pottery Barn Customized Heart Towel

  7. Heart Fidget Popper

  8. Piggy Paint Nail Polish

  9. Wooden Heart Decorating Kit

  10. Kid Made Modern Vday Craft Set

  11. Foam Airplane Gliders

  12. Red Dino Stuffed Animal

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