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Maybe it is just me or something you get excited about in your 30s, but having a good vacuum can be life changing. With 2 kids and a lab we vacuum at least once a day, so investing in a good one was really worth it to us. My husband says buying a cordless Dyson was one of the best purchases of our entire marriage and he was initially hesitant to pull the trigger. I polled the audience on your favorite vacuums for anything from a handheld to upright to cordless model and the results in each category were VERY consistent. The top winner in each category tripled any other submission that came in.

Handheld: the Shark Wandvac was the clear favorite in this category. Most known for its small size and ability to clean small spaces like the crevices of a car seat. It weighs just over 1 lb, has a single touch emptying feature and comes with a charging dock so it is always ready to go

Wet Dry: I have heard amazing things about the Tineco iFLOOR 3, so I wasn't surprised when this one was the winner. This model vacuums and mops your hardwood floors at the same time. If your house has a lot of hardwood or tile this would be an amazing option. The runner up of the category was the Bissell Crosswave, the biggest difference is that this one does also work on area rugs

Upright: the Shark Navigator dominated this category, it is a very affordable and effective vacuum for a traditional upright style. Most people made a point to mention it is great if you are a pet owner. It has great swivel and a detachable nozzle to clean small spaces

Cordless: by far the most popular category that you all participated in and Dyson won by a landslide, specifically any Dyson Animal style. We own the Dyson v8 Animal model which is one of the most popular ones. We have a lab and 2 kids and we use it around our entire house on hardwood, tile and carpeted surfaces. It also can turn into a handheld vacuum, so no need to spend money on a separate one. Several people wrote in that they didn't purchase a Dyson and wish they had spent the extra money on one

Robotic: if you have the space conducive for a robotic vacuum, the Eufy Robotic was the clear favorite of this category. You can essentially put in zero effort by controlling it from your phone or by voice control. The battery lasts for 100 min of straight vacuuming and is especially quiet. It is also very slim so it can fit under a lot of furniture

Canister: this was a category I had forgotten to include in the poll, but I got many messages from people singing their praises of Miele Canister vacuums, notably best for hardwood/bare floors or low pile carpeting. Overall canister vacuums are preferred due to their strong suction and for how quiet they are

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