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Looking for a great gift to give your little one that sparks their imagination and is screen free? The Toniebox is an amazing toy that is a digital listening experience that plays stories and songs. It is easy and fun for kids to control on their own by placing different magnetized Tonie figures on top of the box to change the story. It is a durable, soft-sided box and such a great gift! Quite possibly one of the best features is if you buy the ”Creative Tonie” figurine you can use the app on your phone to have family members like parents or grandparents record themselves reading books or singing songs for kids that they can play over and over. Or you can opt for Tonie figures like the classics of Mickey or Toy Story. It requires wi-fi for the initial set up but after that can be used anywhere on the go!

Tonie Box linked here (affiliate).

Tonies linked here (affiliate).


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