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trick or treat bags and buckets.

As a kid I have vivid memories of trick or treating with a huge pillow case and competing with my siblings to see who could fill theirs with the most candy. Now a days there are so many adorable bag or bucket options for your little one to carry around. As a mom I now realize that bigger is not better, unless you want a sugar crazed kid running around your house for weeks from a never ending pillow case full of candy. Here is a round up of anything from a simple pumpkin bucket to adorable personalized bags.

Personalized Felt Pumpkin Bag- Pottery Barn Kids has so many adorable personalized options

Personalized Gingham Plaid Bag- love these gingham bags, make them cute while you child is little enough not to care

Chicobag Halloween Reusable Totes- this pack of 3 can double as a trick or treat bag or reusable grocery totes

Mummy Tote Bag- cute mummy tote

Happy Halloween Tote- a very durable option

Pumpkin Bucket- for those that just want something classic to get the job done

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