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Teething can be a tough milestone for your baby and equally hard on you. While my first born didn't get his first tooth until 15 months (no joke), this typically can start around 6 months and you will want to have a few good teethers on hand to ease the pain. I've narrowed down some of the fan favorites in the market including the well known Sophie the Giraffe, chilled teethers and everything in between. Hang in there!

Muslin Teething Bib -with teething comes a lot of drool, these reversible bibs catch the drool and have a teether on the end

Chewbeads Stroller & Carseat Teether - attach this right to the stroller or carseat

Sophie the Giraffe - a fan favorite for any baby to chew on

Comotomo Blue Baby Teether - good one if your little one likes chewing on their fingers

Baby Banana Toothbrush- this one doubles as a toothbrush for emerging teeth and helps massage their sensitive gums

Boon Pulp Feeder- this feeder will help teach your baby how to mash food in their mouth and when chilled soothe their gums

Water Teether - throw these in the fridge so your little one can chew on them to soothe achy gums

Wooden Rattle & Teether - if you are looking for a wooden option this is a top rated option


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