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Strollers...another product that is an investment and you want to serve you well.

-->My hands down favorite stroller is the Uppa Baby Vista. I can't say enough good things about this stroller, the functionality and its adaptability to whatever scenario you are in cannot be matched. From a great nap solution on vacation to a grocery cart with its big storage space this stroller is the BEST. After having my second baby, we got the attachments to make it a double stroller that doesn't take over the whole fricken side walk. I could talk for hours about this stroller and how much I love it , so if you have more questions send them my way.

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--> If you are looking for a double stroller the Baby Jogger Citi Mini is the top rated one out there. It adapts to fit car seats, can fully recline for comfort and most notably folds up so easily in one step.

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--> If you need a good umbrella stroller when you are on the go and don't want to spend a lot the Summer Infant 3D mini is lightweight and compact, so affordable and perfect for traveling.

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