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stanley iceflow flip straw tumbler.

This post is a long time coming, I told you all we are going to try out the Stanley IceFlow Tumbler for my son and report back. It is a WINNER! Finding the perfect water bottle for a kid is hard, but now that my son is an older toddler (4 years old) we were looking for something that was completely leak proof when the top was closed, easy for him to handle and held a decent amount of water. This is the 20 oz size which is a great size, especially this summer as he is outside 24/7 playing or at camp and needs to stay hydrated without having to constantly refill his bottle. We love it so much, I just bought the 30 oz size for myself to take to the gym or on the go when I need to throw a bottle in my bag and not worry about leaks. We are a full on Stanley fam now!

Linked here (commissionable).


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