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solo stove.

I polled anyone that owns a Solo Stove to get feedback on the famous fire pit and see if it is worth the spend. I got a few hundred responses and 90% of them were positive, people were obsessed with their purchase and would recommend it. Here are the pros and cons that were shared:


-It is a lot less smokey than any fire pit. It can be smokey for the first 10 minutes, but then is essentially smokeless and so you and your hair doesn't smell like you bathed in a fire for days!

-Very portable and easy to travel with

-Great for ambiance and vibes

-Easy to start a fire in, especially when using the Solo Stove Starters

-The larger Yukon size is best for groups, otherwise the Bonfire size is most popular

-Easy to cook or roast on and there are several accessories available for this


-Burns through wood pretty fast

-Not great for putting off heat/warmth

-Metal gets hot, need to be careful with kids

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