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snow pants and suits for kids.

Your kiddos likely once again will have outgrown their winter gear from last year or maybe this is their first season when you have to bundle them up! Here are the top options for snow suits and pants for those winter days full of walks in the snow with your infant or durable options for playing in the snow and skiing. Can’t say I’m ready for that weather yet, but when it hits you don’t want to be scrambling to order something. One thing I do is buy neutral colored ones so I can use them with all my kids, especially the infants ones that don’t get a lot of wear and tear.

  1. Columbia Snowsuit - available in sizes 0-24 months. We owned and loved this option when my son first started to walk, the feet and arms can be folded over to cover up if they aren’t on the move and when they grow they can fold back to wear boots or mittens with it.

  2. LL Bean Bunting - available in sizes 0-18 months, I recommend if you little one is still too young to walk and you need a good down option to keep them warm on walks or if hanging outside

  3. Arctix Snow Bibs - available in sizes 12 month - 5T this is a very affordable snowbib option for your toddlers that will likely need a new pair every year. The bibs help them stay on and not get snow in their clothes

  4. LL Bean Cold Buster Snowsuit - if your kid is going to be outside a lot and may get good wear and tear playing in the snow, this snowsuit is the top rated option to keep them warm, has double reinforced knees so it is very durable and is easy to get on and off in one piece. sizes 6 month - 4T available

  1. Arctix Snow Pants - the most affordable option for kids sizes 6-18, also available in husky. These do the trick for those cold days!

  2. LL Bean Cold Buster Bibs- these bibs are available for kids size 4-18 and prob my top pick. The straps and elastic waist allow them to grow with your kid a bit, they are durable with a reinforced knee and light enough that they won‘t feel too bulky on your kiddo

  3. Columbia Ice Slopes - a great option that won’t break the bank if you kid loves skiing or outdoor activities. Sizes 4-20 available

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