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skincare recommendations.

Community poll #4: Skincare! One of the most requested polls to date, as most of us feel overwhelmed daily with where to even start when it comes to skincare. I am not ashamed to share that about 2 years ago I was one of those people that barely washed my makeup off before bed lol. As I age, I am committed to taking care of my skin and investing in the right products. I am not going from 0 to 100, but adding steps into my routine over time. So let's get into the top recommendations from the community:


CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser: The top budget friendly recommendation was CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser! I own this too and can say I love it too, it doesn't dry your skin out. CeraVe products are amazing, I really love them all and their price point is hard to compete with! Many of you said you prefer the Cream to Foam Cleanser from them too!

Tula Cult Classic: Tula is a clean beauty brand that has exploded the last few years. This gel based cleanser was one of the most recommended products of this entire round up.


Thayer's Witch Hazel: no other toner came close to the amount of people that recommended this facial toner. And for only $10, sign me up!! Toners are meant to balance the skin after cleansing and before any serum or moisture is applied.


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid: The Ordinary brand is known for having very high quality products at such a great price point. This serum helps your skin retain water and remain plump.

Barefaced Liquid Gold: while Barefaced products are pricy, all of you who recommended said they have been a game changer for your skin. This Liquid Gold formula is a Vitamin C serum that provides antioxidants to protect against UV damage.

BeautyCounter Vitamin C Serum: I own and love this Vitamin C serum. It immediately helps brighten your skin in the morning and protect against the elements of the day. It is on the pricier end, but a bottle goes a long way!

Eye Cream

Biossance Eye Cream: the top rec within this category, was this anti-gaining cream that helps lift, firm and smooth. Anything to make my eyes appear more youthful and less tired is a must these days!

Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment: a close second was this eye cream that you apply delicately under your eye to help reduce wrinkles and keep your under eyes looking plump

Tula Glow & Get It Eye Balm: I own and LOVE this eye balm. It has a cooling component that just makes your eyes and face feel alive and gives you the perfect glow. When I was sleep deprived after having my daughter, this balm gave me life everyday lol.

Spot Treatment

The Original. Mighty Patch: I have seen these patches recommended so many times and from the amount of you that also love them + the almost 100k amazon reviews I would say they are a must if you have a feisty pimple you need to treat overnight. Just stick it on before bed and wake up with clearer skin!


CeraVe AM and PM Moisturizing Lotion: trust CeraVe coming through with another budget friendly and fan favorite. This set comes with an AM and PM lotion to apply daily!

Tula 24-7 Moisture: this nourishing Tula moisturizing is clean and light enough to wear all day under your makeup

Face Oil

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Facial Oil: I started buying some Drunk Elephant products earlier this year and have loved them all. They are another clean brand that has emerged strong in this market. This facial oil helps improve your face's elasticity while reducing lines, wrinkles and blemishes. You can drop this right into your daily moisturizer!

Facial Sunscreen

EltaMD UV Clear: I own both of these. recommendations which were neck in neck for favorite facial sunscreen. EltaMD has an array of amazing products and I can attest this facial sunscreen is wonderful, I apply it in the morning and it is light and not too oily.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen: I also own and love this sunscreen, it's clear formula absorbs right into your skin. The formula feels a bit more greasy to me, but it is scent free and so lightweight.


Tretinoin Prescription: the consensus with retinol was that if you are looking to use it, you should hands down get a prescription for Tretinoin. Reminder: Retinol should not be used if you are breastfeeding or pregnant!

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