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ruggable rugs.

When I polled you all for best rugs, Ruggables immediately rose to the top as a favorite brand. However, most people had a comment or two to share about them which led me to dive a little deeper. I polled and discovered that over 30% of you who said you love yours haven't actually washed it yet and this is when some of the cons start to come into play. I don't think I have ever gotten such consistent feedback about a product. It is clear there are absolutely pros and cons of these rugs, which I will outline below that hopefully can help influence your decision on if this machine washable rug is for you. It really depends on the space you are looking to use it in, the size and your tolerance of this kind of rug. Although there are cons, majority of people who ended up saying the pros outweigh the cons are those with kids and pets.


-#1 Response: they are SO easy to clean, which is huge when you have kids or pets

-They have a huge selection of patterns and colors

-Doesn't shed


-For a high traffic area like a kitchen or mud room, the runners are really practical

-The extra cushioned pad is worth buying to make it more comfortable

-Excellent customer service


-#1 Response: the edges curl and it is a tripping hazard, annoying and messy looking

-On the large rugs, it is difficult to put it back together on the liner after washing which is why most people suggest only getting runners or the smaller sizes

-Very thin with no cushion

-Some patterns are cheap looking, doesn't look like an actual rug

-Difficult to vacuum, gets suctioned up easily

-Doesn't work on top of an already carpeted area

Ruggable selection linked here (commissionable).


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