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road trip essentials.

The holiday season can often come along with packing up the family and road tripping to see extended family or friends. The thought of that can be daunting, especially with young kids, so here is a round up of essentials that will help set you and your kids up for a comfortable ride.⁠

  1. Kids Travel Tray - this tray does it all, you can create an organized space for them to do activities, eat food easily or watch a show

  2. Tablet Headrest Holder - want to prevent your kids from staring at a screen one inch away from their face, or set up a screen multiple kids can watch at once, this headrest mount does just that.

  3. Lil Gadgets Headphones - the top rated headphones for kids, volume controlled and has a share port. Recommended for kids 2-8. A portion of all sales goes against bullying too.

  4. Fire 8 Kids Tablet - the best tablet option out there for kids that has a kid proof case, includes a 2 year warranty and 1 year of Amazon Kids+ content. You can also sync other apps like Netflix up to it with parental controls. The Fire 8 version has 32 GB of storage and a 12 hour battery life. If you don't need the storage, you can get the Fire 7 for a bit less money. Linked here.

  5. Car Organizer - prevent your back seat from being a shi*tshow full of toys, snacks and essentials with this organizer, an absolute must!

  6. Hand Sanitizer Wipes - keep your kiddos hands free after rest stops or potty break with these easy wipes

  7. Portable Potty - don't stress about timing out bathroom breaks or accidents, this portable potty you can use anywhere on the go, or you can fold down the legs and use it on top of a public restroom seat

  8. Travel First Aid Kit -this compact first aid kit contains over 100 pieces to help you out for anything that may arise

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