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restaurant essentials for kids.

Having kids doesn’t mean your days of going out to restaurants has to end. We love eating out and start our kids young so they get used to it. They are usually happy once the kiddie cocktails and french fries show up 🤪 but until then, here are activities that will help keep them happy and occupied because the kids menu and crappy crayons only give us a few minutes of entertainment. The more you go out, the more confident you will be!

  1. ezpz Mini Mat - until your kids are the age where you can trust they aren't going to push a glass plate off the table, this suction mini mat is a godsend.

  2. Sooez zipper pouch - of course these zipper pouches come in handy with just about anything in life, but I usually stuff them with a few of the above activities, crayons or a bib.

  3. Wooden Shape Puzzles - for an older toddler, this set of shape puzzles is fun and doesn't take up much space. Have them recreate the shapes on different cards with the wooden shapes

  4. Jumbo Crayons - these larger crayons are easy for toddlers to hold and are much better than the cheap crayons that restaurants provide that break in half in 2 seconds

  5. Giant Activity Work Book - this dry erase workbook allows kids to do activities over and over. Includes anything from tracing to puzzles, good for ages 2+

  6. Squigz - these suction toys are a huge hit at restaurants, just stack them around the kids and let them play, you don't even need to bring the whole kit, just a handful of them

  7. LCD Writing Tablet - this reusable drawing pads, allows kids to doodle mess free

  8. Puffy Sticker Set -stickers are good entertainment just about anywhere and these puffy ones kids can manage themselves

  9. My Big Coloring Book - these are our favorite coloring books, the images are big and easy for kids to color on, Tear out a few for a restaurant or bring the whole book! This brand has a ton of themed books: Dino, Princesses, Unicorns or Farm Animals

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