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postpartum essentials.

The postpartum time frame can be such a roller coaster and is a unique experience for each Mom. This community came out in full force to share your favorite products that helped you get through this time, whether you had a vaginal delivery or c-section. My two postpartum experiences were very different from each other, my body had different recoveries and you really don't know what you need until you are in the trenches of it. So my advice would be to prepare with a few essentials, but also don't get too ahead of yourself because a lot of these products can be specific to your labor and postpartum experience and you will likely find yourself ordering at 2am days after delivery.

This roundup includes products to help make you comfortable while healing, assist as you navigate nursing and a few clothing options. All of these are the top recommendations from this community!

Products to help you heal comfortably:

  1. Frida Mom Peri Bottle - this was by far the #1 submitted item as a must buy for postpartum. This bottle trumps anything you will receive at the hospital because of the angled neck

  2. Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads - if you find yourself needing ice packs from a bad tear or hemorrhoids, these pads have ice pads built within

  3. Frida Mom Cooling Liners - another very popular recommendation are these liners that provide relief and help reduce swelling.

  4. Bodily All in Panty - many of you who had a C Section, say these are the best underwear to wear that provide comfort and support and is smooth on your skin

  5. Always Discreet Boutique Disposable Underwear - I am so glad so many of you also love these disposable undies. Screw all the huge maxi pads, these diapers are life saving and so comfortable to wear on their own. Size S/M or Size L.

  6. Honey Pot Postpartum Pads -if you prefer to wear pads, these were the most recommended brand. They are all natural/plant based pads that are comfortable and soothing, while keeping reducing odors

  7. Dermoplast - if you have painful tears, this numbing spray will help give you immediate relief of pain and itching

  8. Frida Mom Postpartum Underwear - these extra stretchy briefs are non sheer like the hospital ones and can easily fit any pad or ice pack you need to wear with

  9. Tucks Cooling Pads - if you have bad hemorrhoids, these cooling pads were a top recommended product. Hemorrhoids can be all consuming, so any product to relieve their discomfort is critical.

  10. Orthopedic Donut Pillow - if you find yourself extremely uncomfortable when sitting, especially if you have hemorrhoids a donut pillow will be your best friend

Products for nursing comfortably and apparel :

  1. Earth Mama Nipple Butter - I own and love this nipple butter. In the beginning, you may find you have very sore or cracked nipples and this helps provide relief.

  2. Lansinoh Cooling Gel Pads - if you experience really sore nipples from breastfeeding, these nipple cooling pads provide instant relief

  3. Auden Nursing Bra - the top recommended nursing bra are these from Target, comfortable at a great price!

  4. Silverette Nursing Cups - many of you swear by these nursing cups that help protect your sore nipples from rubbing against clothing and keep their shape/don't compress them. They are known to help painful nipples heal very quickly too!

  5. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump - I didn't discover the Haakaa until my 2nd child and it was life saving. For me, it provided relief when I experienced engorgement as my milk was coming in and regulating. Times when I didn't want to pump, but needed some instant relief in the night without feeding it was a lifesaver and so easy to use.

  6. Stars Above Pajama Set- having pajama sets that unbutton is absolutely crucial postpartum. What you also may not realize is they will get extra crusty with all the liquids from yourself and the baby, so you want pairs that you don't mind ruining after months of postpartum. These Target Stars Above sets are so soft and incredible, I cannot recommend them enough!

  7. Colorfulkoala Joggers - I am so glad you all love these joggers as much as I do too! They are comfortable, but also give you some support in the waist band. They have pockets which is helpful to hold your phone.

  8. Kindred Bravely Nursing & Pumping Bra - a nursing and pumping bra in one, say no more! Forget the hassle of putting on a separate pumping bra every time you need to pump.

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