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personalized necklaces.

If you are looking for a personalized necklace, here are a few of my favorite options out there to rock an initial or name of a loved one - they are all simple pieces that you can wear daily. Such a good gift or treat for yourself!

-->Nashelle Initial Necklace: If you want a very simple initial necklace I have this one and wear it everyday of my life. You can add letter charms to it, so if you have multiple kids and want to add letters as they are born this is a great timeless option. Extra letter charms here.

-->Made by Mary has so many styles, especially if you want a full name written out on the necklace. I owned the disc necklace, but they have many options including horizontal or vertical bars and half discs.

-->Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Letter Necklace: Meghan Markle rocked this asymmetrical letter necklace and it went viral. This stunning necklace can be customized with up to 3 letters and two different lengths.


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