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patio furniture.

Patio furniture is just so hard to shop for. Am I going to get shipped complete crap? Why are decent styles so expensive? Well, last year we moved and I was in the market for a great sectional and did a TON of research. I absolutely love the one we landed on - it is worth the money and I know it will last us a very long time and comes in many color options. First style posted is the one we own plus the cover (size large) that fits, then I linked a few other cute options if you have smaller spaces to fill. Last is an adorable kids' outdoor table that was too cute to not share and way more stylish than a fisher price one.⁠

Sectional linked here. Sectional clips linked here

Sectional cover linked here.

4 Piece Set linked here.

2 Chair Set linked here.

Kid's Table linked here.


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