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pantry organization.

My pantry was a HOT mess and organizing has been on my to do list for the best of a year. I finally tackled it yesterday and it is unreal how different it looks and how much space it freed up. This is what thriving at 35 feels like 🤣. Here are all the items I purchased and used to organize, obviously what you use depends on the size of your pantry and the food you buy. We shop at Costco for a lot of our pantry staples and so I wanted to find large enough containers to fit bulk food. Some of the initial air tight containers I bought were so small they couldn't even fit a standard size box of cereal inside. Happy organizing! (Before and after pictures below)

  1. 3 Section Wicker Storage Basket

  2. Open Wicker Basket

  3. 3 Tier Riser

  4. Set of 8 Airtight Food Storage (3 Liter)

  5. Plastic Bin

  6. Set of 2 XL Airtight Food Storage (6.3 Liter)

  7. Wire Basket

  8. Turntable

  9. OXO Good Grips Large Canister

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