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toddler mealtime essentials.

Toddler mealtime can be quite the experience. These essentials will help it be as mess free and easy as possible so it is enjoyable for all!

Weesprout Plates - we love these silicone plates so much. They are microwave, dishwasher and oven friendly and come in a 3 pack of so many color options. Replay Toddler Utensils - these are the best utensils, they are indestructible, stackable and made from recycled milk jugs. ezpz Mini Mat- this all in one plate and place met will suction to any table or high chair and help make mealtime less messy. Also good to bring on the go to a restaurant. Made by a woman owned and run company in Colorado

Mushie Bib - love this brand and these bibs. They come in timeless and beautiful colors.

Mushie Suction Bowl - suction bowls are an absolute must for toddlers. You don’t need them spilling their cereal, soup or what not all over the place.

360 Munchkin Cup- these are must own for any household. They are 100% spill proof cups that teach your kids to sip out of cup easily.

Squeasy Snacker - my son loves smoothies but they can be such a mess for them to eat. These Squeasy Snackers are perfect for smoothies, apple sauce, yogurt, or really any liquid. They have a no leak cap and are easy for little ones to use on their own

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