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nursing and postpartum friendly clothes.

Dressing during the postpartum months can feel impossible. Especially if you are nursing or pumping and trying to go out in public it is tricky to feel like you can be cute and comfortable while wearing things with easy access. Well, you all really showed up for this postpartum poll and I know there are a lot of expecting mamas or those in their postpartum days right now that were anxiously waiting for the results of this poll so let's get to it!

A few common takeaways:

-most of you, including myself, don't like to wear true nursing styles. They aren't generally cute and it's so obvious you are wearing a nursing top or dress that has a giant flap or zipper.

-don't be afraid to size up during this phase. You will feel more confident if you are comfortable and clothes will actually look better on you if they fit better vs trying to fit into your pre-baby size. Be easy on yourself!

-if you are looking for a gift idea for a new Mom, a gift card to Aerie is a great place to start. Their oversized and buttery soft styles are amazing for the postpartum stage

Nursing + Pumping Bras

There were 3 brands that rose to the top as the fan favorites:

  1. Kindred Bravely was the top submission. Known for having the most versatile Sublime Nursing + Pumping Bra that is a game changer for being hands free and not having to change into a separate pumping bra each time. There is also just a Sublime Nursing Bra if you don't need the pumping function. Finally, if you are looking for a comfortable sleep option the French Terry Nursing Sleep Bra by them is a favorite. Kindred Bravely is known to be a great brand for busty gals as they offer busty sizing in many styles.

  2. Auden brand at Target came in a very close second. The most popular bra is their Seamless Nursing Bra, most notably for its comfort, awesome price point and because it has sewn in cups. The line also has a comfortable Seamless Sleep Bra.

  3. Finally the Bao Bei Adore Bralette was a favorite lounge style that can be worn through pregnancy and beyond. Known for comfort and stretch and comes in tons of great colors.

Nursing + Postpartum Friendly Tops

The most common feedback when it came back to tops, nursing ones specifically, is that you don't have to buy true nursing style tops (they aren't cute). Any loose or oversized style will work and you can always wear a nursing cami underneath.

Aerie is was the top submission for stores to shop for postpartum friendly tops. They are generally oversized, really soft and have button details that make them nursing friendly. The top styles are this Waffle Henley, Waffle Shirt and V-neck Sweatshirt.

For a good nursing cami, the Auden Seamless Cami was the top recommendation.

For athletic styles, this racerback tank has low arm holes which make it very nursing friendly and this CRZ Yoga Long Sleeve top is a very comfy and forgiving option.

If you want a good basic, the entire Old Navy Luxe line was submitted by so many of you as good essentials that are relaxed and comfortable for postpartum.

Finally, this Amazon Turtleneck Sweater , which I own and love, was a favorite of yours too. It is loose and flattering and has enough fabric that if you pull it up to nurse you don't even need a cami underneath.

Nursing + Postpartum Friendly Dresses

I am a dress lover and know the struggle of trying to wear dresses while nursing. There are lots of good relaxed styles out there for the postpartum period, if you are nursing you have to look for details like functional buttons, wrap styles or smocked tops that you can easily pull down.

If you want true nursing style dresses, the top recommendation of where to shop was Seraphine. They are nursing styles that are more conspicuous than others I have seen.

Hillhouse was the second most submitted brand, many of their styles have smocking on top and more forgiving bodies.

Button-up styles are the best for those that breastfeed, this belted one comes in a few colors from Amazon and this black shirtdress is adorable from Old Navy.

Abercrombie has many smocked styles that are on trend and would be easy to adjust. In general, don't sleep on shopping them, they have really stepped up their game especially with dresses and many of you recommended them. A more affordable smocked style, is this one from Amazon.

Finally, this Free People Jumpsuit is a fan favorite when pregnant and postpartum!

Newborn Photoshoot Dresses for Mom

This was a request I often get in my weekly question box and I was happy the answer were very consistent!

The Hillhouse Nap Dress was the top recommendation, a classic and flattering style!

Baltic Born was a new brand to me, but many of you suggested them as a good place to shop.

Pink Blush you may just think of for maternity clothes, but they have a great dress shop for postpartum as well!

And finally, the ever so popular Anthropologie Somerset dress, which I own and love was another favorite. It is such a flattering style and now comes in so many versions for each season. This new cutout version is beautiful too.

Postpartum Friendly Bottoms

The most consistent comment was if you are going to wear constructed pants like jeans, don't be afraid to size up! You will find your confidence a lot quicker if you are comfortable and not trying to fit into a pre baby size soon after giving birth.

Jeans: jeans may be the hardest thing to bring yourself to try on, but like I said be easy on yourself. If you need to buy new jeans, go with an affordable pair like the Old Navy Rockstar line, and size up! The Wit & Wisdom line at Nordstrom was new to me, but lots of you shared this is a comfortable and decent price point line. Finally, the Good American Always Fits Good Leg Jeans were another favorite, the key here is they are meant to adapt to your changing body and fit a range of 4 sizes!!

Leggings: no surprise that Lululemon Align leggings are your favorites! They don't have a lot of compression so they will carry you through your entire pregnancy and postpartum. Aerie Cross Over Leggings were the second most popular style, known for being extra flattering due to the waist detail. If you are looking for more compression, especially those recovering from a C-section, the Bao Bei Legging were the top recommendation.

Shorts: the famous Aerie Daydream Denim shorts are a fav for postpartum. If you aren't familiar, they have an elastic waistband in the back for comfort, I own 3 pairs! The other top submission were the Linen Pull On shorts from Old Navy.

Nursing + Postpartum Friendly Swimsuits

Whether you are looking for a suit that is easy to nurse in or just want something that will be flattering on your postpartum body, all of these are great options.

Aerie Wrap Swimsuit - the most popular style in this poll, I personally own this too!

Kona Sol - this is a line at Target and all of their styles have good modest coverage

Kindred Bravely - doubles as a maternity and nursing style suit

Cupshe Ruffle V-neck - the most affordable option submitted

Pink Blush Ruched Side - a really flattering style

Postpartum Friendly Loungewear

Finally, the most important and probably most worn category during the postpartum is loungewear. The results here were very consistent!

Stars Above Pajama Sets - the most popular submission were these popular sets from Target, I live in these those first few weeks and love that they come in so many lengths

Aerie - once again, known for oversized and comfortable styles. The Real Love Crossover Joggers were a favorite, along with their Boyfriend Tees.

A great Robe is essential, some days it may be the only thing you get dressed in which is perfectly fine and this Barefoot Dreams style is the best!

Don't sleep on the Loft's Lou & Grey line, the fabrics are so buttery soft and their sweat sets were a very popular submission.

If you want a really lightweight and soft Pajama set, especially for summer the Little Sleepies Bamboo sets were another favorite of yours.

Finally, I was blown away by how many of you love the Vuori Daily Joggers, I have yet to try these myself, but adore and trust the brand!

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