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mother's day gifts.

Whether you are a new Mom or a Grandma, I was sure to include a range of gifts for all ages and types of mamas out there in this guide! Mother's Day is May 14th this year, so you have a little less than a month to think about how to spoil those in your life that truly make the world go round. Personally, I love all of these items, but let's be honest... a day to myself, at the spa, a car detail, a house cleaner, scheduled babysitters or ALL of the above would be much appreciated too. This entire page was inspired once I became a Mom and carried the mental load of making sure my family was always prepared for any occasion, so cheers to all of us taking the day off and sharing this post with your loved ones because it's time for you to be pampered and carry zero of the mental load.

  1. Baggu Pouch Set - my favorite pouches to help organize my summer totes, think sunscreen, etc. They are durable and waterproof and come in a few cute prints. There is also a new houndstooth print.

  2. Bombas Ankle Socks - the best socks out there! They are perfectly cushioned and comfortable, I will never turn back

  3. Lululemon Ribbed Align Leggings - obsessed with this new version of everyone's favorite leggings, I own them and they are so soft and fit true to size

  4. Bogg Bag - the best practical bag for the pool, beach or lake this summer

  5. Lake Pajama Set - I have gifted these to every gal in my family, they are the best summer PJs. Run true to size if you hang to dry, size up if you prefer to throw in the dryer

  6. Clarins Double Serum - this dreamy serum has definitely changed my skin since I started using and is an easy addition to your skincare routine. It helps replenish and smooth your skin, not to mention it smells amazing

  7. Pura Gift Set - want your house always smelling divine? This diffuser set allows you to select the scent and strength of your choosing and control it from your phone so your house is always smelling wonderful

  8. Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress - one of the OG exercise dresses out there and so flattering and comfy. It has built in shorts that do NOT ride up and is made of an amazing moisture wicking material. Fits true to size

  9. Geometry Tea Towels - I have been meaning to share these for a while, I did a community poll on best kitchen towels and these made the top 2. I have been testing them for months and love them! They are huge, absorb water so well and come in many great prints

  10. Acrylic Pitcher - for anyone that likes to host in the summer, this acrylic pitcher is so nice to have on hand and can be personalized too. If you prefer one with a lid, Juliska is one of my favorite brands that offers an acrylic one

  11. Chappy Wrap Blanket - one of the best year round throw options out there, the quality is amazing and it does not wear over time

  12. On Cloud Slip On Sneakers - these shoes are perfect for any age Mom! My own Mom and I both own them, they are lightweight and comfortable, love the slip on style and all the fun color options they are available in

  13. Rey to Z Custom Baseball Hat - the cutest baseball cap, can be customized to any letter you want, or check out their Mama, Nana, Auntie, etc hats!

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