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maternity leggings.

I spent my entire recent pregnancy working from home and one huge perk of that was I didn't have to worry about dressing my bump, I could live in leggings 24/7 and here are my thoughts ladies:

-> The best maternity leggings hands down are the Lululemon Align leggings. Yes, these are not maternity leggings, but I promise you will never find a better pair. They grow with your bump up until the day you deliver, never fall or roll down and are perfect for your postpartum recovery. The $ is worth the comfort and you won't just wear them while pregnant. Buy them, you deserve it.

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-> If you are looking for an actual maternity legging to work out in and want full coverage over your bump, get the Senita Mamacita Leggings. They are very reasonable, have pockets and don't fall down.

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-> I am not someone that likes a lot of compression or support on my bump, but people swear by the Blanqi Leggings. If you want that feeling of being held up to relieve some pressure you feel as your bump grows, these are for you.

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-> For postpartum, Baobei Postpartum Leggings offer the ultimate core compression during your recovery process. They can help alleviate pain or discomfort and support your body as you heal.

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