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maternity clothes.

Dressing when you are pregnant can be such a challenge! Your body is changing every week and it can be so frustrating to get dressed every morning while feeling comfortable and confident. There are many factors to consider like what season you will be the most pregnant in, what your daily wardrobe looks like (workwear vs casual), how your body changes and how much you are willing to spend. I am a big believer in investing in a few maternity essentials and otherwise trying to get by wearing regular oversized clothes or layers. I also highly suggest sharing your maternity bin of clothes with your friends, mine rotates between 3 of us! Also, it's OK to wear the same outfit over and over, especially at the end.

This was my biggest community poll to date! I did not narrow it down to just the top option per category like I usually do. I wanted to keep a range of the top options by price point and also give you options knowing some of these things are personal preference. For some categories you will see I narrowed it down to specific styles that were the top recommendations and others are the top brands to shop. I will also share any consistent commentary I received by category that you should consider when shopping. I would love for you to share this post with any expecting mamas you know!


Kindred Bravely Grow with Me - this was the top submission for favorite undies to support your growing belly that are also an amazing option during postpartum as well

Aerie Real Me Crossover - full coverage or thong style. While this isn't a true maternity style, the cross over feature makes this a really comfortable option

Auden Seamless Underwear (Target) - another option that isn't a true maternity style, but so many of you said they are so comfortable and stretchy

Intimate Portal Under the Bump (Amazon) - for a really affordable option that so many of you love


The #1 comment was to just go for a nursing bra while you are pregnant, because they are comfortable and there is no need to buy separate bras that fit while you are pregnant and then nursing bras

Auden Nursing Bras - these are the most popular nursing bras from a poll I did last year and so many of you said you also love wearing them pregnant. The seamless and wireless are the two most popular options

Kindred Bravely Bras - these were the 2nd most popular submission and there is a popular seamless bra and a sports bra option, both are also nursing bras


(In order of low to high price point)

Stars Above Pajamas - by far the top submission. I own 3 pairs of these and they are awesome because they are so affordable, come in several versions including pant/longsleeve set, pant/shortsleeve set, shorts/shortsleeve set and a dress. They are not true maternity pajamas, but many said they sized up. They also are amazing for postpartum

Old Navy Sunday Sleep Maternity - the whole Sunday Sleep line at Old Navy is amazing, such a soft and lightweight fabric that comes in many mix and match styles in regular and maternity sizing

Kindred Bravely Maternity Pajamas - the softest bamboo PJs that will last you through pregnancy and postpartum/nursing

Lake Maternity Pajamas - you all know my love for Lake Pajamas, they are such a treat. Truly the best quality and they offer several maternity styles that are also great postpartum. These would make a great gift for someone

Basic Tanks & Tees

This is a category that I will just focus on the top brands that were submitted and all 3 of these had TONS of submissions as being favorites

Target Isabel Maternity - this was the top submitted brand for essentials, most notably because they have styles that do not have the side shirring which make a top look so obviously maternity. Sold individually or in packs

Old Navy - the second most popular submission, known to have a big range of basic tops

Gap - finally another top submission, a bit higher quality option that is usually on sale though and still a good price

Maternity Jeans

Most people made a point to say they only like full panel styles vs side panel/under the bump and I agree! I included the top 5 options which I have listed by price point (low to high)

Target Isabel Maternity Jeans

Old Navy Rockstar Maternity

Gap Full Panel Maternity

Abercrombie Maternity

Madewell Full Panel Maternity

Maternity Shorts

Old Navy Linen Maternity Shorts - these were the Top submitted short style

Old Navy Full Panel Denim Maternity Shorts

Target Isabel Full Panel Maternity Shorts

Levis Mid-Rise Maternity Shortie

Maternity Work Pants

Motherhood Maternity Work Pant - for anyone that has a more business casual work environment, these were noted as the best maternity pants that are also really affordable


A comfortable legging is one of the most essential maternity purchases, I included the top 4 submissions and will rank by price (low to high). I would be remise if I didn't note that the Lululemon Align is not a maternity legging but received 4x the vote of any other legging

Poshdiva Maternity Legging (Amazon) - these are such a good price so many of you love and a great workout option with a pocket. They are often on sale too!

Zella Maternity Legging - a good mid tier price and the second most popular option! A true maternity style

Kindred Bravely - these come in a plain or pocket option and are known to be great for pregnancy and postpartum recovery

Lululemon Align Legging - like i said, the number one submission and everyone said WORTH the price. I never sized up in these, I was able to wear my true size throughout the entire pregnancy and they retained their shape. Some noted they preferred to size up for comfort if their belly was bigger. They never ever roll down and you don't feel compressed or suffocated in them at all

Other Activewear

Poshdiva Maternity Bike Shorts (Amazon) - people rave about theee bike shorts, I have gotten so many messages recently from pregnant moms who are loving them

Old Navy Maternity Workout Tops - Old Navy was noted as one of the best places to shop for affordable active and lounge tops

Gap Maternity Workout Tops - the second most popular submission of where to shop for active tops


People only submitted brands that they like to shop for one pieces, many people noted if you don't want to buy a maternity swimsuit you can get away with wearing a bikini and just size up in the bottoms and top (if needed)

Summer Mae (Amazon) - this brand was the top submitted option for maternity swim. They have tons of style and color options that are trendy, have good coverage and are affordable

Aerie - while they don't sell true maternity styles, so many of you noted to size up in their one pieces. A few popular styles that were noted were this and this.

Gap - they offer some really cute one piece maternity options

Target Isabel Maternity - Isabel Materntiy was noted as the best brand at Target for good maternity suits


Dresses are such a personal part of your wardrobe, so everyone submitted the best places to shop for maternity dresses vs specific styles. I personally found that I could get away with wearing a lot of non-maternity styles I already owned that were relaxed, oversized or shirt dress styles.

Pink Blush - by far the top submissions for where to shop for maternity dresses. They have hundreds of options from casual to fancy.

Seraphine - I had never heard of this brand but it was the 2nd most submitted option for good dresses, especially fancier styles or workwear

Target Isabel Maternity - known for good casual everyday dresses

nuuly or Rent the Runway - many people noted if you have a special event try renting from one of these services as they have more special and unique styles that aren't worth buying but are great to rent

Maternity Plus

Many people requested where the best places were to shop for plus size maternity styles. I have included the top brands below and a few noted to size up in existing plus styles that are not maternity.

Pink Blush- Pink Blush was by far the top submission of where to shop for plus size maternity clothes. They offer a big range of styles from basics to dresses

Latched Mama - another brand that sells a full wardrobe of plus size maternity styles

Non-maternity styles that fit while pregnant

I love this category, because outside of a few essentials like jeans and a tee, most of the clothes I wear while pregnant are not true maternity styles

Oversized Sweatshirt - this is what I lived in in my fall/winter pregnancy. The best options are from Aerie or Old Navy

Shirt Dress - this style you can often just size up and fit in throughout much of your pregnancy. Here is a cute one from Old Navy

Oversized Button Up - if you want to look chic but comfortable this is the best option. Gap always has good options. For a more casual style, one of Aerie's best selling styles is this waffle button up

Flowy Dress - one of my personal favorites is wearing a longer flowy dress. Anthropologie has some great options like this or this or this

Jumpsuits - relaxed jumpsuits or overalls are a great style for pregnancy, this is one I own and know so many of you love too

Free People - the brand runs oversized in almost all of it's relaxed styles so this is a fun place to shop pregnant and many styles you don't even have to size up

Lululemon Align Leggings - see the legging section for more info, but these were the top submission for this category

Aerie Real Me Crossover Leggings - another legging option that is not a materntiy style but will be comfortable throughout pregnancy and after! Also extremely affordable, often on sale for $35!

Shoes that fit when your feet turn into loaves of bread

But for real, if you are pregnant and find yourself not being able to fit into your shoes, these are all slip on options that will work for those growing feet

Birkenstock Waterproof Slides - the top submission for this category! Known for comfort and the fact that they can be adjusted makes them the perfect pregnancy shoe, especially in summer

Birkenstock Gizeh - the second most popular Birkenstock style for pregnancy. If you have especially wide feet this style is perfect for your growing feet

Funkey Monkey Sandals (Amazon) - the more affordable version of the foam Birkenstock

Kizik Lima Slip on Sneakers - you are missing out if you haven't heard of Kiziks! They are entirely slip on shoes, that require zero bending over and are so comfortable. This is one of their most popular styles that comes in 12 colors

Kizik Vegas Low Top Sneaker - if you want an everyday style that is less athletic looking, the Vegas style comes in 8 colors and is also a fully slip on shoe, no need to bend over to put them on

Dr. Scholls Slip on Sneaker - they come in a dozen color options and are a simple option you could pair with a lot

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