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A good lunchbox is essential - it must be easy for your kid to handle and keep their food warm, cold, separated and/or in tact. Here are the best options in the market for every possible need you could have:

Bentgo Box - this is the perfect first lunch box for little kids ages 3-7. You can perfectly portion out their meal, the tray is microwave and dishwasher safe and it is drop proof! These boxes can fit in the Pottery Barn Cold Pack too :)

PackIt Freezable - these bags are awesome, you literally throw the whole bag into the freezer at night and the gel lining will keep your lunch cool so your perishables don't spoil

L.L.Bean Lunch Box - L.L. Bean is probably one of the top options for back to school basics. They are timeless, high quality and a great size so they fit in a backpack easily. Also, customizable!

Mackenzie Classic Pottery Barn Bag - this is a great size lunchbox as kids get older to use. Its rigid walls keep the food protected and you can also customize it with cute prints and their name!

Built Neoprene Tote - this is a durable and very practical option for everyday use and really any age, including adults. It is machine washable, stain resistant, super lightweight and easy to carry.

Thermos Food Jar - this insulated food jar comes in over a dozen kid friendly colors and patterns, and keeps your food cold for 7 hours or hot for 5 hours. 10 oz capacity.


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