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indoor activities for kids.

We are in the thick of winter and in the midwest we have a solid 2-3 months to go until we get consistent sunshine and warmer temps back. These are the times I bow down to stay at home parents, getting through these cold days inside can be a lot. I have rounded up some great indoor activities, these aren't independent toys, but things to bring out and play with your kids to change up the normal rotation. A mix of toys good for your littlest, toddlers and kids and several things they can play together.

  1. Doodle Water Mat

  2. Search & Find Reusable Activity Mats

  3. Stepping Stones

  4. Cardboard Coloring Playhouse

  5. At Home Scavenger Hunt

  6. Light Up Terrarium Kit

  7. Spelling Puzzles

  8. Kids Velcro Dart Game

  9. The Floor is Lava

  10. Crazy Forts

  11. Ollyball

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