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Humidifiers have so many benefits - combat cold/flu symptoms and congestion, improve sleep and snoring, help allergies and improve dry skin. You can get real fancy with all the options on the market but here are the best simple options to get the job done.⁠ ⁠

->For a bedroom: the Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Humidifer is the best. It's easy to set up and essentially makes no noise, perfect for your sleeping environment. It can run up to 16 hours and has a night light option, which is great for kiddos.⁠ ⁠

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->For a larger room: this Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifer is the winner. It can humidify a room up to 750 sq feet and run for 60 hours before needing a refill, controlled by a remote for ease. You can also add essential oils if you prefer to give your room an aroma. This is perfect for any large space.

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