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home office chairs.

With so many people working from home these days, a good home office chair was a very popular request from you all recently! After spending at least 45 hours a week tied to my desk chair working from home in corporate life, I can appreciate why a good desk chair is WORTH it. Here are the results of my community poll, I got votes for anything from budget friendly options to the must have, splurge worthy brand, Herman Miller. Here are the top recommendations broken out in 3 different price ranges.

Budget Friendly Options

These 3 chairs tied for most votes in the most affordable category, aesthetically they are all very different but all good options based on what your vibe is.

Amazon Basics High Back Executive Swivel Chair

Union & Scale Mesh Flexfit Chair

Albaugh Executive Chair

Mid-Tier Price Chairs

These two options almost look identical, but they tied exactly for the amount of votes and people who owned them clearly were looking to invest in a nice, comfortable option and had done a lot of research prior to purchasing. They are both around $350, so while an investment if you think about cost per use, after working from home in a corporate job where I was strapped to my desk I can tell you comfort is worth it.

Steelcase Series 1 Chair

Branch Ergonomic Chair

Top Tier Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair won the majority vote loud and clear for best option when shopping for an office chair, but they come at a steeper price. For those that are willing to spend the money, it will likely save you a back ache in the long run.

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