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hands-free breast pumps.

Community poll results on best hands-free breast pump are in! Hundreds of you participated in this poll and were very passionate about which brand you like best. I have no experience using a hands-free pump, besides a Haakaa, so this was a very interesting poll for me.

A few things to note before we get into the top recommended brands:

  1. Both @karrie_locher and @bemybreastfriend were noted as top resources for all things pumping, I have followed Karrie for years and couldn't agree more.

  2. While many of you love your hand pump, a lot of you made the point that there is still nothing like the suction of a regular pump. Portables aren't known to completely empty the breast.

  3. Maximizing your time as a Mom is everything, so the convenience of not being tethered to a pump is a game changer. Getting time or freedom back was worth investing in one or seeing if your insurance would cover the upgrade.

The front runner by a landslide was the Elvie. There are two pumps- the original Elvie Pump or the Elvie Stride. For those that aren't familiar they are both hands-free, double electric pumps that you can wear inside a nursing bra. This gives you the freedom to walk around, hold your baby or inconspicuously pump. The positive feedback I heard beyond these benefits was how quiet and small they are. The only negative feedback I received was that if you have tiny nipples they are not as effective. So, what's the difference between the original Elvie Pump and Elvie Stride?

Elvie Pump - the original pump is the quieter of the two, essentially you can pump without anyone noticing. They are similar in size and battery life, so the most notable difference outside of noise are price and strength. The Elvie Stride - a newer product for the brand is a more affordable option (without insurance, it typically is $269 vs original double that). Most notably, the Stride has hospital grade strength at 270 mmHg vs the original at 220 mmHg. The downfall of the Elvie Stride is that there is only one motor, so there is a cord that connects between the cups in your bra, where the original Elvie has independent motors in each cup. Both are great options!

For a more affordable option, the next top pick from the community is the Legendairy Imani i2. While it is not as small or quiet as the Elvie, it provides the same convenience as any wearable pump at a good price. Legendairy Milk, the brand, is also a very well known and trusted resource in the breast feeding space. They come in a 28 mm flange size, but have silicone inserts if you need a smaller flange size and go up to a 32 mm size.

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