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gifts for a new mom.

Moms have more on their plate than anyone with a newborn and they deserve the world, so a thoughtful gift will certainly go a long way. They will likely not be leaving the house much, so these are all great gift ideas to make those early days more comfortable, fun and recognize what an awesome mama they are amidst what may feel like a shit show. Anything from a small fun mug to a top notch cozy robe you and a few girlfriends can go in on.

Fun Mom Mug - the cutest mug to remind her who she really is

Go the Fuck to Sleep - the best book created ever for any sleep deprived parent to give them a good laugh, not recommended for kids lol

Stars Above Pajamas - the best pajama sets ever, so affordable and essential if you are nursing

Saranoni Throw - a very plush throw she can melt into the couch with

Olaplex - we all know your hair goes to shit after having a baby, this hair mask is a treat. *NOTE- not advised to use while you are breastfeeding though, consult your physician

Barefoot Dreams Robe - the ultimate gift, the softest robe ever

Mama Bracelet - love this adorable beaded bracelet

Is this Normal - this new hilarious game is Cards Against Humanity meets parenting

Laneige Lip Mask - another great beauty product to treat them too, apply this nightly so your lips feel like butter everyday

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