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gift guide for toddlers, ages 3 & 4.

For the older toddlers, this age is when they really start to get into independent and imaginative play. They love all things kits, puzzles, start to take interest in games and overall it is just a really fun age range for gift giving! Here are some of my top recommendations for a 3 or 4 year old!

  1. Flower Garden Building Set: this garden building set helps support their creativity as they can build, stack and sort a garden

  2. Zingo: probably the first game most toddlers have the patience and attention span playing, a hit to play at home or bring out and about

  3. Doctor's Play Kit: toddlers this age love imaginative play and these dress up kits can help prepare your kids for doctors appointments

  4. Princess Dress Up Set: imaginative play is exploding at this age and this dress up set includes shoes and accessories for your little princess

  5. Wooden Train Set: we love these KidKraft train sets, they come with a bucket to contain and organize all the parts, which helps with clean up

  6. Toniebox: I think age 3 is the perfect age to introduce a Tonie Box, these audio boxes are paired with Tonie figures that read stories and sing songs, a screen free fun toy for kids to enjoy for years. My son loves using his during quiet time.

  7. Play Floor Piano: this mat is for your little musician who to bop and dance on!

  8. Walking Dinosaurs: what kid doesn't love dinosaurs? This set of Dinos can walk, light up and make sounds.

  9. Makeup Play Kit: let kids get all dolled up with their own pretend makeup kit, much better than them rummaging through yours lol

  10. Arts & Crafts Library: I have found that toddlers really start to get into crafts at this age and have the attention span for projects, especially if something is new to them they will sit and do just about any activity, this library is a first great kit

  11. Scooter: this scooter doubles as a seated scooter or standing one

  12. Walkie Talkies: what kid doesn't love a set of walkie talkies?

  13. Magnetic Race Track: you know by now this is my #1 recommended toy for this age! I even am obsessed with this toy, I would suggest helping them a lot at first and eventually they will be able to play independently with it. Just keep any younger siblings away so they don't tear their hard work apart lol.

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