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gift guide for toddlers, ages 1 & 2.

The holidays with a toddler are the absolute best! I decided to split up the toddler age range as they develop so much in those early years and their interests and abilities change with each year. While the celebrations aren't all about gifts, let's be honest for this age the joy it brings them is one of the best parts of it all.

  1. Baby Jogging Stroller : the cutest play stroller for your little one to push their dolls around in

  2. Soft Baby Doll: my daughter loves this soft baby doll that has a magnetic pacifier

  3. Rey to Z Personalized Hat: I love this small business that sells kids custom hats, tons of color options with their initial available

  4. Interactive 100 Words Book: this is a classic book, kids at this age love interactive toys and this

  5. Toddler Table & Chairs: we own and love this toddler table set, its super lightweight and affordable

  6. Megabloks: this big block set is an absolute must buy for every toddler, they will play with them for years in my experience

  7. Poke-a-Dot Book: we love these poke-a-dot books by Melissa & Doug, they help with fine motor development and there are several cute theme books

  8. Little Tikes Basketball Hoop: one of the biggest hits in our house is this hoop, it can be used inside or outside and is a fun game for any toddler

  9. Mini Trampoline: the best energy burner, especially in those cold months when you are all cooped up inside

  10. Mini Dyson Vacuum: kids love to help out and copy what you are doing, put them to work young helping vacuum

  11. Restrospec Balance Bike: their first bike should be this mini balance bike

  12. Fat Brain Spin Again Stacking Toy: another favorite in our house is this twisting stacking toy, its been used for years and is great for development early on

  13. Play Sink: with this play sink you can actually use real water to cycle through and interact and the accessories change colors when using cold or warm water

  14. Wooden Toy Bus: at this age, kids like to start collecting things and carry them all over with them, I've found this bus to be a big hit with this age as they collect the little people

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