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gift guide for the health lover.

I am excited to team up with my friend Herman from @weekdaywarriormke to bring you a gift guide for the health + wellness lover! If prioritizing your overall wellness is a goal for 2022, this gift guide has 10 amazing products to set you up for a healthy year! Be sure to check out @weekdaywarriormke for more healthy content, especially if you are local! Here are his must buys:

-Ninja Air Fryer/Grill Combo⁠: Easiest way to cook pretty much anything and grill combo lets you keep grilling meat in Winter.

-Fit Cook Spice Collection⁠: All natural ingredients you can trust handcrafted by Kevin Curry (Owner of FitMenCook)

-High Protein Snack Kit⁠: Amazing for grab and go and post gym workouts when you're short on time.

-Electric Standing Desk⁠: Standing desk is absolute must for people who prioritize their health. This one is electric so its easy to raise and lower. Sleek design that makes it perfect for working at home.

-The Mindful Life Journal⁠: Great for anyone who is interested or just starting to learn about mindfulness, meditation, and journaling. Provides prompts for daily practices

-DoSensePro Acupressure Mat⁠: YES these work. Acupuncture is great for muscle recovery and relaxation. Comes with a free hot/cold pack!

-Theragun Mini Massage Gun⁠: Massage guns took the health world by storm last year. This year Theragun released a mini version that is really easy to pack in your gym bag on the go. Also great that it doesn't carry the hefty price tag that some of the top of the line massage guns do.

-Ullo Wine Purifier⁠: Awesome wine purifier that removes the sulfites out of wine as you pour it. It aerates and helps it taste better as well. *Sulfites are a lot of the cause behind the headaches, stuffy nose, and other adverse effects some get from wine

-Shiatsu Back Massager⁠: Recovery is obviously a big health trend this year. A great back massager you can use while sitting on the couch post workout.

-Verilux Happy Light⁠: Perfect for getting beneficial light exposure during dark winter months. Also nice size to easily move around the house.

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