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gift guide for mom or mother-in-law.

Another hard person to shop for on your list can be your own Mom or Mother-in-law. They either own so much already or have a specific taste, but they are one of those people that deserve the world. Here is a round up of gifts that include anything from cozy winter items to helpful things to have around the house or bougie products to treat them to.

  1. Chappy Wrap Throw: anyone would be lucky to be gifted a Chappy Wrap Throw. They are perfectly dense and cozy blankets, a brand started by a Mother/Daughter duo, and they are such a premium quality and gift.

  2. Personalized Note Pad: most people still love making physical lists around the house, having a personalized note pad around will always be useful

  3. Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder: I cannot tell you how many people have recommended these over the last year, a gift you never knew you needed but once you have, you are obsessed with, just flip the grinder and you will have fresh spices

  4. LL Bean Quilted Pullover: I know my Mom or MIL don't like all the cropped styles that are out there, this quilted pullover is the perfect longer layer to throw on in winter. I went into the store and tried it on so I can confirm it's a great style! TTS

  5. Leather SafeSleeve Phone Case: my MIL and her friends are all obsessed with this phone case. You can fit a handful of cards or money in it, stand your phone upright to watch videos and it blocks 99% of cell phone radiation

  6. Lake Flannel Pajama Set: a cozy and good quality PJ set is always a good gift and Lake Pajamas make a holiday flannel set that would be such a great gift

  7. Pura Diffuser Set: want your house to always smell amazing? A Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser would make a great gift, they have a ton of different amazing scents available and you can control the intensity of the scent to your liking

  8. Nécessaire Body Wash: this is one of those products you probably wouldn't self purchase, but I would die to receive. If you have a Mom or MIL who likes nicer things, this is a premium beauty product that would make an excellent gift.

  9. Nest Mint & Eucalyptus Candle: another gift idea for a Mom who likes really nice things, you cannot go wrong giving them a Nest candle, they are so dreamy.

  10. Lavender Weighted Eye Pillow: ok hear me out on this one, I was recently gifted a lavender eye pillow and I absolutely love it. You throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds and rest it on your eyes and it just immediately makes me feel relaxed, relieves headaches and just is a great before bed ritual

  11. Lands End Canvas Tote: you all know my love for these canvas totes and they are so useful to have on hand whenever you are hauling things between houses. For your Mom or MIL, I think a size medium open tote would be a great gift put to use very often!

  12. Juliska Acrylic Wine Glasses:I was lucky enough to be gifted a lot of Juliska products off our wedding registry. The brand makes incredibly beautiful, premium tableware. Having acrylic wine glasses on hand is so helpful in warm months when you are hosting and want to drink outside but not have glassware, these stemless acrylic wine glasses would make an amazing gift

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