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gift guide for grandparents.

Grandparents likely just want to spend quality time with family around the holidays, but if you want to get them something that is either memorable or is an activity to do with them when together here are a few favorites they will enjoy!

  1. Colorku: for those that like sudoko this is a similar game, played with colors

  2. Grandkids Spoiled Here Doormat: isn't this the truth!

  3. Personalized Socks: how cute to have socks with grandkid or kids pictures on them?

  4. Amazon Echo Show: an Echo Show is the perfect gift to give grandparents who may not be very tech savvy. They can use it to FaceTime family by just talking to Alexa

  5. Word Magic Mixer Game: a fun word game to play with the family and stimulate your brain and vocabulary

  6. Our Moments Conversation Game: a great conversation starter between generations of family

  7. Celebrate with Babs Book: if you don't know who Babs is, she is taking the internet by storm with her charm, incredibly helpful tips and tricks

  8. Customized Picture Calendar: what grandparent doesn't love displaying pictures of their family? These calendars by Shutterfly are excellent gifts for family!

  9. Digital Picture Frame: this digital frame is a wonderful gift as you can upload pictures and videos in real time so family near or far can always have up to date memories to look at

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