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gift guide for dad or father-in-law.

Your own Dad or Father-in-law can be one of the hardest people on your list to shop for. In my experience, they either own everything they want or just want to spend time with their family. An experience gift is always a great way to go (that gift guide is coming soon) but if you are looking to buy them a nice gift here is a round up of nice products that will hopefully bring them joy or comfort!

  1. Spiceology 4 Pack BBQ Spice Rub: for a meat lover or chef of the family, this set comes with 4 different spice blends that are good for when grilling, smoking or cooking

  2. LL Bean Lightweight Pullover: I love LL Bean for lightweight, year round pullovers. I have gifted this specific style to several people in my life and its the perfect cover up to have on you, comes in tons of colors and the weight is good for year round because it isn't too heavy

  3. Outdoor Portable Rocking Chair: your parents or in-laws may start being in the phase of coming to watch your kids' sporting events. This outdoor camp chair folds up so quickly and compactly and the rocking provides extra comfort. Holds up to 250 lbs.

  4. Meater Thermometer: we own and love this bluetooth meat thermometer. It makes cooking meat on the grill or stove or oven so easy and helps you cook it to perfection with a smart app

  5. Ember Coffee Mug: for any coffee or tea lover, this Ember Mug is adored by those that own it. Never worry about your morning coffee getting cold as the mug heats your beverage to your desired temperature, when off the charger it can keep your drink warm for 1.5 hours. Non-metallic colors are slightly less expensive here.

  6. On Cloud Slip On Sneakers: if you start to look around you will see how many people from young adults to grandparents are wearing On Sneakers. They offer comfort and support, are lightweight and this pair is especially great because they are slip on (no tie laces) and water resistant. Both of my parents own 2 pairs of them and live in them.

  7. Personalized Mug: what could bring a Dad or Father-in-law more joy than drinking out of mug with his kids or grandkids pictures plastered to them, this customizable mug can have either 1 or several people's faces printed on them

  8. Lululemon ABC Joggers: my Dad owns and adores these lightweight joggers from Lululemon, they are the perfect weekend pant for someone who wants to be comfortable but still look put together and not like they are in grungy sweats

  9. Bombas Golf Socks: for any golf lover out there, having comfortable socks is key when you are on your feet half the day.

  10. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag: my Dad was the one who introduced me to this duffel bag, it comes in 8 colors and he loves it most of all because it is the perfect size for a night or weekend away and can be worn as a backpack for comfort. It is also very durable and water resistant which are added bonuses.

  11. Neck Reading Light: this night neck light has 3 different color and 6 different brightness settings, for those that enjoy reading before bed, this is the perfect solution. Or it can be used when camping, knitting, etc!

  12. Customized House Painting: a very sentimental gift would be a customized painting of a house, whether it is their current house or a special house they grew up or lived in this would be sure to make a memorable gift

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