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gift guide for baby.

Your baby's first holiday or Christmas is often such a special time. While they have absolutely no idea what's going on and don't appreciate the gifts, there are some really cute gifts that can either be sentimental or there are plenty of developmental toys that will start to spark their interest as they get more mobile. Here are some of my favs!

  1. Musical Pounding Toy : definitely one of my daughter's favorite toys when she was an infant, great for their motor development

  2. Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair: yes, I think these are worth the price. My son got his when he was 6 months old and still loves it at age 4!

  3. JellyCat Lovey: both my kids are obsessed with their JellyCat lovies. They are the softest, plush animals with a small blanket attached. Lion here or Bunny here.

  4. Shape Sorter: another big hit when your little one can sit up and start to grab things is a shape sorter!

  5. Cuddle & Kind Doll: these are the sweetest, hand made dolls. For every purchase of a doll, the company donates 10 meals to a family in need.

  6. Wooden Shape Magnets: these large magnetic shapes are a great gift, throw them on the bottom of your dishwasher or fridge and infants love playing with them, they come in a few cute themes

  7. Soft Climber: as soon as your baby is on the move, they love to explore, this soft climber is a great gift to expand their gross motor skills

  8. Name Puzzle: a great personalized gift is a name puzzle, board puzzles are one of the first toys my kids played with and it will last them years as they learn to spell their name

  9. Baby's 1st Holiday Ornament: remember their first holiday with a custom handprint

  10. Piggy Bank: this was another hit for my daughter's first Christmas. Just like shape sorters, once they develop fine motor skills they love putting the coins in the slot and the interactive sounds

  11. Stacking Rainbow Cups: a classic toy that is always a hit, stack them up, use them in the water or sand, there are endless play opportunities

  12. Baby Einstein Musical Soother: this toy is a musical soother that plays lullabies, has light effects and keeps your little one captivated while they are hanging out in their crib, tummy time or on the floor. My friends that own this say it is one of their favorite baby products ever!

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