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flamingo women's razor.

Best women's razor? I polled the community which is always full of such valuable feedback and recommendations. The winning razor was Flamingo, a new product to me! For those that have heard of the men's brand Harry's, this is the women's version of that same parent brand. These are sold at convenient stores like Target, Walgreens or Costco with very competitive pricing to most other well known brands = $9.99 for a razor handle + 2 razor blades.

Other notable brands and feedback:

-Billie: many of you said you have used this brand for years, but made a point to say the quality has declined in recent years but you still use it. Why have influencers completely stopped talking about this brand?

-A ton of you said you prefer to use men's razors as they are sharper or similar in quality at a more reasonable price. Gillette Mach 3 was the most popular men's razor mentioned and Gillette Venus is still an oldie but good option for women.

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