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easter egg hunt essentials.

We are 10 days out from Easter and one of my most popular requests over the. past few weeks has been Easter egg hunt fillers that are not candy! While throwing candy in some is obviously fun for the kids, if your kids are anything like mine they will be bouncing off the walls in a sugar high terror by the end of the day. So, I have bought and tested all of these items to ensure they do in fact fit in eggs. I have also found jumbo eggs that you can throw into the mix so you can hide a few bigger items in the eggs. I will outline what items fit in what size eggs below. If you are looking for items for an adult egg hunt, lotto tickets are always the way to go!

Printed Plastic Easter Eggs (Regular Size)

  1. Finger Puppets

  2. Construction Vehicles

  3. Mini Dinosaurs

  4. 3D Puffy Stickers

Jumbo Plastic Easter Eggs

  1. Bath Bombs

  2. Mold Free Bath Toys

  3. Bubbles

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