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easter baskets for kids.

Last in the Easter basket round up, are goodies for your kids that are older than a toddler! Lots of fun ideas from crafts to outdoor fun for spring! A lot of these products will tap into their creative side and independent nature.

  1. Easter Dash Mini Waffle Maker

  2. Giant Bubble Wand Set

  3. Easter Paint by Sticker

  4. It's Not Easy Being a Bunny Book

  5. Easter Chick Mini Construction Puzzle

  6. Little Blue Truck's Springtime Book

  7. Kid Made Modern Easter Craft Kit

  8. Boboking Underwear for girls or boys

  9. Piggy Paint Nail Polish

  10. Lonecone Rain Boots

  11. Lego Easter Bunny

  12. Giant Easter Activity Banner

  13. Stomp Rocket

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