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disney essentials with kids.

Community poll results for Disney essentials for kids! I often get questions related to traveling to Disney, and while I went there as a kid several times, I have yet to travel as a Mom myself. This community is full of great advice and tips so I have collected all of your must haves when traveling to Disney with the family, along with a few tips!


  1. Strollers are key, even if your kids have outgrown a stroller or don't like to ride in them anymore, have a seat for each kid. There is a lot of walking and waiting involved and they may even nap in one (so make sure you have a reclining one). There is stroller parking everywhere and you don't have to travel with a compact travel stroller, bring whatever makes sense and you are used to!

  2. Pack all of your own snacks and refillable drinks. Every price is clearly jacked up in the parks and you can bring all of your own food in!

  3. Hire a Disney planner to help you plan your trip. A few that were mentioned are @wdwparkplanners and @wellhellodisney.

  4. A lot of items on this list are weather dependent, but if you are going when it is going to be hot or there is a chance of rain, they are clutch!

  5. Bring a change of clothes for each kid.

If you have any other Disney travel tips or must haves, be sure to share them in the comments below!

  1. Water Bottles: be sure to pack a refillable water bottle for everyone, here are my favorite travel and leak proof ones for kids and adults

  2. Stroller: while you can bring your regular one, if you want a more compact travel one, this is the single or double stroller I recommend. They recline and have storage.

  3. Fans: a ton of people recommended packing personal fans for when it is really hot. Neck fans are great for adults or this handheld fan or this stroller fan for your littlest.

  4. First Aid Kit: a travel first aid kit can also come in handy, this one is compact and has over 100 pieces

  5. Air Tag Bracelet and Air Tag: a parent's biggest fear is losing your child in a crowd. Use an air tag in an AirTag bracelet to keep tabs on your child at all time.

  6. Cooling Towels: this was one of the top recommendations from you all for those really hot days, these cooling towels are activated when you get them wet, wring and snap

  7. Portable Phone Charger: you will need to be on your phone a lot navigating the Disney apps and your whereabouts, don't forget a trusty charger

  8. Fidget Toys: you may do a lot of waiting in lines, surprise your kids with new fidget toys that entertain them in lines, buy a big pack and pick out what you know they will love

  9. Ponchos: this set is a family pack that comes with adult and kid size ponchos in case there is a chance of rain, these pack very compact

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