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daycare essentials.

Sending your little one to daycare can be such an emotional experience, so don't let the list of things you also need to buy or prep overwhelm you. Here are some essentials that will help you from day one until they are officially off to school!

Customized Blanket - you will likely need to send a blanket every week with your toddler, good idea to have a customized one so it doesn't get lost

Bottle Bag - this simple bottle bag is sleak, lightweight and the inside is lined so it is easy to clean. Easily fits four 8 oz bottles.

Bottle Date Labels - one of the most annoying tasks is labeling your bottles daily, there are also name labels here

Takeya Water Bottle- the best hard straw water bottle for kids

Snug Water Bottle - the best soft straw water bottle for kids

Daycare Nap Mat - this daycare nap mat is awesome, it rolls up into a compact carrying case, includes a pillow, lightweight blanket and a name tag. Machine washable!

Toddler Backpack for Boys and Girls - love these cute first backpacks for your kids, they are the perfect size for daycare, in fun patterns and lightweight for a toddler to carry


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