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clothing essentials for toddlers.

Back to school is just around the corner, which means it is time to stock up on wardrobe essentials for your little one! A turn in seasons means they have likely outgrown their pants from last year or need a fresh pair of kicks. Here are some of my favorite essentials for boys and girls!

For Girls

  1. LA Active Grip Socks

  2. Underwear

  3. Zip Up Hoodie

  4. Bike Shorts

  5. Layering Tanks

  6. Leggings

  7. Velcro Sneakers

  8. New Balance Sneakers

For Boys

  1. LA Active Grip Socks

  2. Underwear

  3. Sweatpants

  4. Nike Sneakers

  5. Long Sleeve Tees

  6. Twill Joggers w/Reinforced Knees

  7. Zip Up Sweatshirt

  8. Adidas Sneakers

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