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car seat safe coats + covers for infants.

Cold weather is slowly making its way to most parts of the country and those cold mornings mean time to bundle up your little ones safely. Here is a roundup of coats and and car seat covers that you can use on your infants. Puff coats should not be worn in any car seat, as always do your own research and check out @safeintheseat, her page is full of a wealth of knowledge!

Buckle Me Baby Coat - a coat specifically made to keep your one safe in the car seat while creating the warmth of a puffy coat

Patagonia Fleece - a baby in Patagonia is too cute to pass up, we love these fleece jackets

Columbia Fleece for Girls or Boys - the most affordable option out there for a fleece jacket

Zutanos Fleece Suit - this snuggly fleece suit comes in sizes 0-12 months

7am Enfant Baby Quilted Baby Wrap - this cover seat does it all! Can be used on a car seat, stroller or carrier. The plush lining also doubles as a soft blanket.

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover - the key to car seat covers is you do not want any fabric in between your infant's back and the seat, this cover stretches over the car seat and it can also be used on many stroller or carriers

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