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bogg bag.

The real MVP of my summer so far is this Bogg Bag. I cannot recommend it enough and while I know the price point is a little steep at $90, to me this bag has been a game changer for days at the pool, beach or on the boat. Here are all the reasons I love it:

  • It is indestructible, made of extremely durable rubber-like material that holds up and wipes clean easily

  • The size! It can fit everything I need for myself and my kids in it, which we all know is a lot

  • It stands upright, so it is tip proof which comes in so handy when you are managing all that you packed and need to easily find

Colors come in and out of stock frequently, so check back if your preference is not in stock now! Also, a lot of retailers like Amazon mark up the prices, I have found Dillards to be the best place for in stock and no price gauging.

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