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blackout curtains and shades.

There have been so many requests for blackout shade and curtain recommendations that this deserved a permanent place on the feed. When I polled you all, the overwhelming consensus was that cheap options trump everything and you should absolutely buy affordable and temporary products that you can often use under your nice looking regular curtains. Here are the top products, each with a slightly different intent and all had TON of votes because sleep trumps everything in parenthood and when you find something that works you jump on the chance to share it!

Redi Blackout Paper Shades: these shades are so easy to put up and you can use them under or over whatever blinds already exist. Such a quick and highly effective solve to make a room pitch black.

Blackout EZ: a panel of fabric designed to be removed and put up daily, this simple velcro solution was a top recommend that many said works better bc it allows zero light in because the window is sealed off

Nicetown Blackout Curtains: come in over 24 colors and 16 size options for any set up. For how affordable they are people said they were shocked with the quality and effectiveness.

Room Darkening Blackout Rod: to ensure the room is extra dark, if you are relying on curtains buy these curved rods so no light will sneak through the sides

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