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bike shorts.

The bike short trend isn't dying anytime soon in the world of fashion and working out. They are comfortable and now practical that many of them come with pockets to hold your phone. Whether you are just going for the bike short + oversized shirt vibe or are looking for a pair to work out in, I have 5 pairs to share with you, all slightly different and majority at a really affordable price point!

  1. Aerie Offline OG Bike Short - if you are going for the bike short look and just want a basic cotton style, one that you would not work out in this is the pair. They are simple - no pockets or fancy fabrication, but comfortable and TTS. On sale for $18

  2. Aerie Offline Hugger Bike Short - this is Aerie's version of a short fit for working out. They are made of a very warm handed, buttery soft fabric and have a pocket. Called the "Hugger" due to the coziness of them. They are on major sale for $14.

  3. Lululemon Align Bike Short - my favorite bike short of all I tried, was no surprise the Lulu Align short. The same amazing fabric as the leggings, very comfortable and high rise. I imagine you could wear these far into a pregnancy just like I have the leggings. Also come in a version with pockets linked here.

  4. Baleaf Bike Short - the top rated bike short on Amazon with almost 80k reviews, I bought these last year for working out on my peloton and really like them! They are a most conservative fit of all I tried, fitting closer to the knee at 8 inches and a very good price at $19.99. Have pockets!

  5. Colorfulkoala Bike Short - these are the most similar to the Lulu align fabric, but at a better price. They have the most compression of all I tried and are a little shorter, but would be a great work out option and have pockets!

Maternity Options: A few of you have also sent me recent recommendations, that I have not personally tried but you swear by during pregnancy!

  1. Vuori Halo Vintage Short -anything Vuori is amazing, the fabrics and quality of this brand are top notch. One of you shared you are 20 weeks pregnant and these are the unicorn short that look like a bike short but aren't constricting at all!

  2. Poshdivah Maternity Yoga Short - if you are pregnant and looking for a true maternity bike short, this style comes in a 2 pack with an over the belly band for more support. Great price for 2 shorts!

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