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best buys of 2022.

What a year! I will never be able to truly express how grateful I am for your support, for trusting my product recs and supporting me. My goal is to make your buying decisions easier and take some of the mental load off your plate, so my hope is that I accomplished that in some way for each of you this year! While this started as a more practical resource, when I left my corporate job in June I've had more time to lean into sharing things like fashion, daily sale finds and community polls, all of which have been so fun for me. I can't wait for what's in store in 2023!

Rounding out my final post of the year with the top best buys! The top 10 sellers from Amazon and the top 10 sellers from everywhere else!

  1. Zipper Pouches

  2. Kids Puffy Stickers

  3. LCD Doodle Tablet

  4. Bed Pillows

  5. Kid's Knife Set

  6. Foot Measuring Device

  7. Grape Cutter

  8. Picasso Tile Magnetic Race Car Track

  9. Crep Protect Shoe Spray

  10. Portable Phone Charger

  1. Cat & Jack Toddler Joggers

  2. Auden Seamless Nursing Bra

  3. Cat & Jack Sneakers

  4. Cat & Jack Cozy Toddler Pajamas

  5. Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

  6. Stanley Quencher Tumbler

  7. Threshold Bath Rug

  8. Flexible Flyer Baby Sled

  9. Lands End Canvas Tote Bag

  10. Tula Cooling Balm

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